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Forum Rules

posted Oct 04, 2011 22:59:50 by KarenAlaniz
The purpose of Your Story Matters Too forums is two-fold;

1) The forums are a place for people to share their true stories in a safe and encouraging environment.
2) The forums are a place where you, the reader, can read and comment on the true stories shared here.

Rules for sharing and commenting;
I could list a kabillion rules here, but it's really very simple.
() Be Nice.
() Be Respectful.
() Encourage One Another.
() Remember that minors are welcome here.
() Words are powerful. Use them carefully.

By sharing a story here, you promise that;
1. The story is true to the best of your recollection.
2. The story is your own (ie: not copyrighted by anyone else).

A few tips:
* Give your story a catchy or telling title.
* Give an approximate date if it's relevant - even just the year is fine.
* Pick a small part of your life to share such as the day you learned to drive, or what it was like to pick strawberries in the summer.
* Paint a picture with your words. Remember that most readers will have never experienced what you did.
*If you learned a lesson, tell us what it was. If you have lingering questions, ask them.
* Use your real name if you're comfortable doing so. If you'd rather use only your first name and it's a common name, add something to it to keep us from getting you mixed up with someone else.
* Keep your story under 1,200 words.
* Be real.

As owner of this site, I can and will remove posters who do not follow these rules (but hopefully I'll never have to do that).

Now, lets get started on that STORY SHARING REVOLUTION! ~Karen
Write Now - Because it's Later Than you Think.
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scrappinGrandmom said Nov 03, 2011 18:50:50
I'm so glad I found this site.
KarenAlaniz said Nov 04, 2011 02:03:33
I'm glad you found us too! ~Karen
Write Now - Because it's Later Than you Think.
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