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Oldest Photo Album

posted Oct 25, 2011 22:29:06 by KarenAlaniz
Our parents, or grandparents aren't always anxious or even willing to sit down and talk about the past. So, here's a tip to help out;

Find the oldest photo album in the house. You might have to dig around in drawers (with permission of course), or go up in the attic. Or it might be hiding in plain sight. Whatever the case, find that album. It probably has a canvas cover, and on each page are those little "corners" to hold the photos in place. Find a photo with people in it. Ask questions about that photo.

*Who is that?
*Where are they?
*What time of year is it?
*What year do you think this was taken?
*What are they doing? -or- Where are they going?

These are good story-starter questions. But remember that talking about the photo is even more about listening than it is about asking questions. This isn't the spanish inquisition. This is someone you love and care about. If the story veers away from the photo, great! If it stays on the facts, that's great too.

And don't forget to write down everything you learn. Writing it down will serve you far better than going from memory!
Write Now - Because it's Later Than you Think.
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