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Where were you when?

posted Oct 28, 2011 03:24:12 by KarenAlaniz
Ask: Where were you when (fill in significant event)? Think about your own experience first. Where were you when you learned about 9/11? Immediately, your mind is filled with the sights and sounds of the day. Now think about the age of the person you are posing the question to;

Where were you when you found out President Kennedy had been shot?
Where were you when the United States declared war on Japan?
Where were you when the space shuttle Challenger, broke into pieces?

If you aren't sure what significant events have taken place in your interviewee's lifetime, do a little research. A simple Google search on significant events in history should do the trick. Treat each interview like it is your last time together. Honor that time, by writing the stories down for future generations.

Write Now - Because it's Later Than You Think. ~Karen
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Write Now - Because it's Later Than you Think.
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